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Bernard Lietaer

* 07.02.1942 † 04.02.2019


During his lifetime, Bernard Lietaer was best known for his work on the subject of money. During his exemplary career in finance he also became aware of the systemic problems of our economic and monetary systems. This first led to an interest in the history of money and its importance for all walks of modern life. Reflecting on the need for change to achieve sustainability and social justice in face of multiple crises, he became the most prominent advocate and sought-after innovator in what he termed “complementary currencies”, including “crypto”.

His preoccupation with spiritual matters and arts was largely hidden from the public. In commissioning a biography shortly before his death, he wanted all aspects of his life to become known. On this website, we present the extensive material he generated in 50 prolific years. More then ever, Bernard Lietaer’s work is fundamental to the urgent issues of economic sustainability, environmental protection and human development. This website aims to disseminate his ideas and insights for all alive today and the generations to come.

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About Bernard Lietaer

Lauded Monetary and Financial Expert:
Credentials of a Flying Fish

The previously unknown
Bernard Lietaer

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The Complete Biography:
“Bernard Lietaer – Life and Work”


„And I have to tell you this:
your imagination, your in-exhaustible ideas on how to shape, reinvent and transform money never cease to amaze me“

Prof. Margrit Kennedy
founder of, to Bernard Lietaer

„A talented, thoughtful man whose life was devoted to understand our deeply troubled world, and what must be done about it. [He] deserves the attention of concerned people at every level of society.“

– Dee W. Hock,

Founder & CEO Emeritus Visa Inc. , Author of “One from Many

„Looking at the future of money and sustainability we stand on the shoulders of Bernard Lietaer, whose knowledge is now bearing fruit.“

Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber
Trustee WAAS, Club of Rome, Member of EASA