Videos of/with Bernard Lietaer

Last extensive interview with Bernard Lietaer in July 2016, produced by Original Publication, with direct links to individual questions here.
Montary Diversity at PopTech 2011 (26min)
How Can Businesses Protect Themselves Against Financial Crises? at Ellen McArthur Foundation 2012 (13min)
Presentation about his Club of Rome Report “Money & Sustainability – The Missing Link”, Brussels 2012
Crisis as opportunity. Next steps. – at TEDxUHowest 2012 (19min)
“Money for the Future – Systemic Solutions for Financial Crises“ – Interview from 2009
Cut from Movie “Der Schein trügt”, in German.
Design and implementation of currency systems at TEDx Flanders 2011 (16min)
Good introductory talk about money and currencies and systemic financial risks. At TEDx Berlin, 2009.
Keynote at ISWI 2017 Economic Justice – Theory to Practice (2h16min)
Why money needs to change now! at fOSSA 2009 (1h9min)
Stephen Paikin in conversation with Prof. Bernard Lietaer 2014 (21min)
In conversation with School of Business and Economics 2014 (29min)
Wie funktioniert Geld? 2012 (26min)
Les Mystères de la monnaie – Enjeux d’un Tabou – Partie 1 2012 (10min)
Les Mystères de la monnaie – Enjeux d’un Tabou – Partie 2 2012 (12min)
Audio: Comment changer l’argent? de RFI 2012 (12min) listen here:
Audio: The Future Of Money at New Dimensions Radio 1998 listen here:
Audio: Reinventing Money at New Dimensions Radio 1999 listen here:
Genuine Sustainable Abundance with Jacqui Dunne at New Dimensions Radio 2013 listen here: