Complete Works of Bernard Lietaer

In our online library you find the complete works of Bernard Lietaer: about money, complementary currencies and sustainable finance, but also on topics previously not associated with him (see “The unknown B. Lietaer“) – partly because they were published under his pseudonym “René de Bartiral“.

On top of the library page you will find a search field and four filter buttons. With these you can sort the publications by types (books, articles, etc.), co-authors, languages and curated topics. The lists of results are always sorted chronologically by publication date, the latest on top.

  • Where digital copies of articles are available for download, you will find them by clicking on “Source/Download” under the titles shown in pink.
  • For titles shown in black (most books and some copyrighted material), inspections copies can be made available upon request.
  • The complete bibliographic database can be downloaded below, as .bibtex file, or as a formatted text-document.

In the main menu of our website, under “library”, you find some pre-filtered selections, like books, articles, interviews. The videos of Bernard Lietaer are technically not part of the library, but provide a curated selection from audiovisual material about Bernard Lietaer available elsewhere on the internet. The filter “curated topics” provides another way of sorting the material. All articles that are not curated under “academic publications” are considered introductory and can be appreciated by all readers regardless of prior knowledge.

If you know of publications, including translations, that we have missed, please let us know.

Please note:
A second database containing a bibliographic listing of all the books Bernard owned and cherished has been published here.